Charlie Peters

Writer and Occasional Broadcaster

I write about politics, education, and economics for The Telegraph, National Review, Spiked Online, CapX and Quillette among others. Occasional broadcaster for Sky News, BBC radio, and other outlets. You can find my latest articles and media work here. 

I am based in Scotland where I am reading philosophy at the University of Edinburgh.


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Recent Work

Below, just a small selection of written work, to view recent TV appearances and additional material please visit my Portfolio page

Malala Yousafzai UN Messenger of Peace

An advocate for private schools?


Binmen behaving badly

Council apologises after workers seen throwing refuse bags across street


The NUS is broken

30 percent turnout in an election is a record-breaking democratic feat


Silencing pro-life speakers

Why censoring is no way to win a moral debate.


The capital of nanny statism

Popularity plays second fiddle to the condescending attitude that has long infected Scottish government


When Good Men Fail to Stand Up to Danger

One man, one MP stood out of the crowd.



London’s housing crisis

So what is stopping supply from meeting demand? 


About Charlie Peters

My main areas of interest are public policy, education, international development, housing, conservatism, and lifestyle economics.
As a broadcaster, I have spoken on RTUK, Sky News, STV, BBC Radio Scotland and BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

On lifestyle economics, I am concerned with all things nanny state.

I have written about how regulations and 'sin taxes' exhaust the resources of the night-time economy. Beyond policy, I also comment on how public attitudes and campaigns affect our freedom to enjoy booze and tobacco.

I am also interested in housing and the economic forces that affect it. I have written for CapX and The Telegraph on this issue.